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Corzano e Paterno


is a two hundred hectare farm owned and operated by the Gelpke and Goldschmidt families, founded by the Swiss architect Wendelin Gelpke. The farm, situated in San Casciano Val di Pesa, roughly halfway between Florence and Siena, is dedicated to the production of the finest quality wine, olive oil and sheep cheeses.

Since Gelpke’s acquisition of Corzano in 1969 and the subsequent addition of Paterno in 1974 the farm has developed along three specific lines; wine and olive oil production, the artisanal production of sheep cheeses, and “agriturismo” or farm holiday rental. Each of these activities has enjoyed great success and recognition both on a national and international level.

In 2001, following Gelpke’s death, his wife, three daughters, son and nephew became co-owners of the farm. Today those directly involved with the work are his nephew Aljoscha, viticulturist, agronomist and farm manager with his wife Antonia who runs the dairy; Wendel's daughter Arianna, enologist, is responsible for the wine making and his widow, Susan, who dealt with the agriturismo sector. Another daughter, Sibilla, is engaged in its hospitality sector.

Century-old olive trees mixed with newly planted olive groves flank the vineyards and produce olives which, when cold-pressed, give an olive oil of the highest quality. The specifics of the oil can be found in the wine section alongside details of our wine production.

Descriptions of our range of pure sheep cheeses can be found in the cheese section.

The farmhouses, saved from ruin, are now restored to their original beauty with the addition of modern conveniences. For photographs, plans and a booking form please visit the guest houses section.

A longer history of the farm from its faltering first steps to its present status as one of Tuscany’s most dynamic young farms can be found in the history section.

The news section contains the latest updates of farm life and seasonal activities as well as additions to our growing family.

Maps of the Fattoria, of the surrounding area and directions from Florence are on the location page.

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